Studio Ysasi


Establishment of Casa Ysasi

Move into “Bledsoe” and launch studio out of garage
Create “Seascape”, first collaboration exploring neon light and photography

Travel to Oaxaca - collaborate with local artisans

First exhibition at Emeco House Pop-up show at Tortoise General Store

Casa Ysasi unveils a dual identity - gallery and studio
Studio/show room moved from Venice to West Adams Completion of “Dawn Chorus”, lightbox
Showcase at Available Works with Something Special Studios Adler/Smith Gallery Pop-up with Britton Callioute


California Light and Space
In the spirit of the California Light and Space movement, we embrace the transformative power of light as a medium, employing it to sculpt and define space in ways that captivate the senses. The work reflects the interplay of natural light, creating immersive experiences. In cultures worldwide, light has a consistent role—a symbol for spirituality, and celebration.

Inspired by how different cultures worldwide use light for spiritual and celebratory purposes, our goal is to create an experience that connects with people universally.

Emotional Architecture
Rooted in pursuing emotional architecture from Mexico, we draw upon the emotional resonance embedded in architectural elements, translating them into visual narratives that evoke a profound connection with the observer. Each piece tells a story, exploring the interplay between space and emotion.

“Art in general, and naturally also architecture, is a reflection of the spiritual state of man in his time. Only by receiving true emotions from architecture can man consider it again as an art”.
- Mathias Goeritz 

Craftsmanship is at the heart of the Studio Ysasi ethos. We are very passionate about handmade objects and hope to continue working with the people keeping these traditions alive.

Melding traditional craftsmanship with contemporary vision, our work embodies a dedication to craftsmanship. This commitment ensures that each piece not only stands as an artistic expression but also a testament to the enduring legacy of skilled artisans.