Ysasi Gallery was founded in 2022 by two brothers, Iñigo and Patricio Ysasi. The gallery was created to exhibit fine art limited edition prints and multiples. The collection has original works, lithographs, paintings, sculptures, and photography. By offering access to a wide range of prints, we aim to create an inclusive space where visitors can engage with art on a personal level. Through exhibitions, programs, and community outreach initiatives, we hope to make art accessible and cultivate a deep appreciation for its significance. We have created Ysasi Gallery as a means to share this incredible collection through different online and in-person marketplaces.

Ysasi Gallery has a range of works from established artists: Jordi Alcaraz, Rafael Canogar, Eduardo Chilida, Donals Sultan, Kcho, Keith Sonnier, Luis Tomasello, and Pat Stier are amoung the many world-renowned artists. There are also works by less-known yet incredibly talented artists like Henry Ramirez, Blanca Muñoz, and Motor Shiratori.