Josep Guinovart Bertrán

Josep Guinovart (1927–2007), a Barcelona-born artist, initially focused on murals, posters, and theater decoration. Co-founding the Tahull group in 1955, he evolved from figurative to abstract themes. Guinovart explored assemblage and collage in the late 1950s, incorporating diverse objects. The 1960s marked a shift towards expressive content through signs and vibrant strokes. In the 1970s, he introduced materials like mud and straw, delving into social and political themes. Beginning engraving in 1976, Guinovart received acclaim, winning the National Prize of Fine Arts in 1982 and the National d'Arts Plastiques Prize in 1990. His impactful artworks are housed in prestigious museums globally, including Barcelona's Museum of Modern Art and New York's Guggenheim Museum.