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Daily Life

In cultures worldwide, light has a consistent role—a symbol for spirituality, and celebration.

It’s a universal language connecting us, making its mark across diverse landscapes, both in moments of reverence and joy, and as a medium for creative expression.

Light serves as the essential element in creating a feeling in a space and shaping an environment. As one can find pleasure in eating meals served in their favorite dish, coming home to a room with your favorite light can also bring a small joy.

"Dawn Chorus", utilizes the warm glow of handmade yellow amate paper. The incorporation of the amate paper not only serves as a delicate filter for the light but also infuses its surroundings with a soft, golden hue. Amate paper, rooted in Mexican tradition, is crafted from the bark of the Jonote tree.

Initially soaked or boiled, it undergoes meticulous handwork. The Maya and Aztec civilizations valued this paper for record-keeping and ceremonial cut-outs. The Aztecs referred to the paper as amatl, which is where it gets its name. The original deep dark brown fibers derive their intensity from the natural color of the harvested bark, leading to subtle variations in each batch. The artisans employ bleaching and dying techniques to create a wide spectrum of colors. When infused with light, the paper, known for its natural texture creates a unique and calming atmosphere.

At Casa Ysasi we believe that the presence of art is not just about decoration but a natural part of daily routines. Whether you’re an avid collector or someone who’s never ventured beyond a simple poster, we hope the Ysasi Lightbox can effortlessly blend into your home, becoming a familiar and welcoming part of your daily surroundings.


Walnut Wood, Amate Paper, LED Light, Metal switch, Twisted Cotton Covered Wire

Ysasi Lightbox “Dawn Chorus”